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Mandatory Compliance Training

Mandatory Compliance Training is an online course that all Martin University administrators, full-time and adjunct instructors, staff and most importantly students must complete.  
Access the course by clicking “eThink”.  NOTE this course must be accessed via Firefox NOT Explorer. You will find the compliance course easy to navigate.
Check your Martin student e-mail or employee e-mail for specific login information and for instructions on completing ALL test requirements.
Why must I take this online course?  This course is designed to ensure the Martin University is in compliance with TITLE IX.  Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex with respects to educational programs and activities. It prohibits gender based discrimination that includes harassment, both verbal and nonverbal, physical aggression, intimidation and/or hostility. This law requires all educational institutions that receive federal funding comply.  The Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has indicated that an institution who fails to comply can face serious sanctions which can include the loss of federal funding.  Note, for most institutions, the loss of federal funding could lead to that institutions closing its doors. The underline purpose of this law is to ensure the safety of all individuals within the University community, especially the students. This is why it is important for everyone in the University community to complete the mandatory compliance training.
If you have questions regarding access, contact Andy Gothreau at
Let’s make this school term a safe and enjoyable for everyone!
Taffanee L. Keys, Esq.
Compliance Director
Martin University