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FSA ID: The New Requirement

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The U.S. Department of Education now requires all students, parents and borrowers to use a FSA ID to access federal student aid online. Your FSA ID will be used to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and electronically signing your federal financial aid documents.

The FSA ID officially replaced the financial aid PIN on May 10, 2015.

For information on creating your FSA ID, visit

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Realizing the Dream: Celebrating First Generation College Students

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Martin University is happy to announce that Ms. Yalonda C. Meyers is one of 31 recipients of the Realizing the Dream Scholarship made possible by a grant from the Lilly Endowment to the Independent Colleges of Indiana.  A celebration honoring the scholarship recipients will take place this Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the annoual "Realizing the Dream" banquet.

Also, Ms. Virginia Goodwin and Professor Derek King will be honored for their efforts in helping first-generation college students reach their goals.

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.




Passing of Representative William "Bill" Crawford"

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On Friday, September 25th, Martin University and the State of Indiana was saddened to hear of the passing of the former State Representative William "Bill" Crawford.  Representative Crawford represented the 98th District from 1972-2012 and was the longest-serving African-American state lawmaker in the country.

"Rep.  Crawford was a tremendous supporter of Martin University and believed that education would lead his people forward.  You can support his belief and hope for a better future by working to achieve academic excellence and earning your degree from Martin."

      - Dr. Eugene G. White, President, Martin University

Martin University extends its deepest condolences to the family of Representative William "Bill" Crawford."  Rest Well.




NAACP Summit

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Martin University was represented by student, Brandon Williamson, as part of a student panel at the NAACP Summit held at IVY Tech Community College on Saturday, August 15th. The focus of the panel discussion was recruiting, retaining and graduating students of color, with an emphasis on Black males.  The full-day event began with a presentation by Indiana Superintendent of Schools, Glenda Ritz, addressing standardized test and low graduation rates among Black and Latino males, as well as other minorities.  This information was followed by presentations from CHE Chair Teresa Lubbers and State Senator Greg Porter.

The student panel included two doctoral students and two undergradute students.  In his comments, Brandon stated his reasons for working towards completing a degree and the impact of the Martin faculty-student relationship in helping him stay the course.




INHP Can Help You!

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Do you—or someone you know—need to make home accessibility modifications or emergency repair, but lack the funds to get the job done?

INHP can help you make up to $15,000 in necessary repairs so you won’t need to use your credit card or tap into your savings.

INHP offers a home repair loan program that allows homeowners on a tight budget to affordably finance accessibility modifications and/or essential repairs such as roofs, furnaces, plumbing, electrical systems, wheelchair ramps, doorway widening and more.

Program Details:

  • Deferred loan with 0% interest/.25% APR**
  • No monthly payments required for up to 30 years
  • No out-of-pocket expense

INHP also provides project support throughout the construction process ensuring that all work is completed by licensed, bonded and insured contractors and that the work passes inspection. All the payment transactions are handled through INHP too.

To find out if you qualify visit




Martin Receives Grant From USA Funds

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On June 29, 2015, Martin University was award $225,000 in grant funding to further enhance the University's student success and career readiness services.  The grant will also provide a means for the University to develop its communication strategy.

“Consistent with our focus on Completion With a Purpose, promoting success in college and career, USA Funds’ contribution will help this unique institution in our organization’s hometown of Indianapolis enhance its recruitment, retention and graduation of lower-income, minority and adult learners, and other students underrepresented in higher education to prepare them for rewarding careers and fulfilling lives,” said Carol D’Amico, USA Funds executive vice president, National Engagement and Philanthropy.

Click here to read the press release in its entirety.



Martin University Reveals New Strategic Plan

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                                                                                                                                       MARTIN UNIVERSITY REVEALS NEW STRATEGIC PLAN

INDIANAPOLIS – Martin University’s Board of Trustees and administration announced today that they have developed and approved a new strategic plan that will guide the school’s operations through the 2018 academic year.
President Eugene G. White said the school also has adopted a new vision statement:  “To be a Haven of Hope, a Community of Support, and a Premier Leader among Institutions of Higher Education.”
Dr. White said the new strategic plan includes five major goals:


  1. Build solid financial stability for the University;
  2. Enhance academic programs and services to students;
  3. Enhance, expand and improve Martin University’s campus and infrastructure;
  4. Improve the quality of operations and working conditions for faculty, staff and administrative personnel;  and
  5. Enhance the University’s engagement and services to the community.
“This plan provides a road map for us to take the institution to a higher level of financial stability, program effectiveness, operational efficiency, and to enhance an environment and culture for greater educational achievement and growth,” said Dr. White.


“The plan is a continuation of the legacy and hopes of our founders, Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling,” added Board Chairman Gregory Gill.


The strategic plan includes numerous quantifiable objectives, including raising the school’s total full time equivalent enrollment by five percent a year from a base of 306 FTE students in 2016; increasing the retention and graduation rates of Martin students; creation of an office of University Development and Advancement; developing a doctoral program in urban leadership; and starting the School of Education in the fall semester of 2017. 


Additional goals include increasing faculty, administrative and staff salaries by six percent over the next three years and contributing leadership to the development of a Martindale-Brightwood Educational Zone. 
To review the plan in its entirety, go to
Martin University is a private, not-for-profit, liberal arts institution founded in 1977 by Rev. Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling.  Martin is Indiana’s only Predominately Black Institution (PBI) of higher education.  It is steeped in a history of service and open to a diverse population of students from all walks of life.  Martin University’s mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing traditional and non-traditional students in an inclusive, supportive and healthy collegiate environment.



Students Give Martin Courses and Instructors High Marks

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Martin University strives to provide strong academic programs with quality instructors in a student-centered, supportive environment, and for a second year in a row students say that the University is making positive strides in doing so. Students surveyed late in the Spring 2015 semester reported high levels of satisfaction with many of the University’s academic components. Among these included above average ratings for the quality of courses, course content being applicable to career goals, and the University’s commitment to academic excellence.  Course instructors also received above average ratings in many areas, including level of knowledge in their field, fairness, providing timely feedback about student progress, and availability to meet outside of class. 

In addition to above average student ratings for courses and instructors, improvements in many areas of University service were seen when comparing this year’s ratings to last year’s ratings. The table below shows areas that improved 25% or more from last year’s ratings. As can be seen in the table, career exploration services saw the overall greatest ratings increase from Spring 2014 to Spring 2015. Other areas that saw strong positive student rating changes were in bookstore hour convenience, tutorial services usefulness, financial aid, information about scholarship availability, University communications with students, student portal services, course registration, and academic advising. These combined ratings indicate that the University has made significant positive changes in many of its services to students over the last academic year.




Percent of Students Agreeing with Question

% Change from 2014 to 2015

Spring 2015

Spring 2014

Martin University career exploration services are adequate.




Bookstore hours are convenient for me.




The tutorial services (e.g., Mathematics and Writing Labs) are useful.




Financial aid counselors return messages in a timely manner.




I received adequate information on the availability of scholarships.




I am satisfied with the Student Portal services.




Martin University payment options are satisfactory.




Martin University provides timely responses to my concerns.




I received timely information about my financial aid package.




My academic advisor helps me apply my academic major to career goals.




Billing policies are reasonable.




I am able to register for classes I need with few conflicts.




My academic advisor is available at times that are convenient for me.




The University also saw positive change in many areas that were identified as in need of improvement in Spring 2014. These included average or above average satisfaction ratings in the areas of University communication with students, financial aid services, tutorial services, student portal services, information about the availability of scholarships, career services, campus security response time, academic advising, computer lab services, course registration, and admissions personnel knowledge.



Martin University Receives Approval for New Mission & Vision Statements

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The Martin University Board of Trustees voted to approve the new Martin University mission statement at the May 8, 2015 Board of Trustees’ Meeting.  The Higher Learning Commission was notified of the Boards’ decision and the University’s request to revise the mission statement was received and accepted by HLC.

Changes to mission statement, vision statement and University values were included in the development of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.  Each represents the consensus of participants in the Strategic Planning process which began in December 2014.

Mission Statement

Martin University’s Mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing traditional and non-traditional students in an inclusive, supportive and healthy collegiate environment.


Martin University’s Vision is to be a Haven of Hope, a Community of Support, and a Premier Leader among Institutions of Higher Education.

Martin University Values

In order to establish and maintain a University Culture that will produce educated, responsible, and accountable student graduates, the University will incorporate the following values in all actions, programs and endeavors:

  • Professionalism (In all personal interactions, products produced, and University activities)
  • Communication (Clear, appropriate, thoughtful and intelligent)
  • Support and Respect for All (People, Relationships, Citizenship, Families and Social Justice).




Why Martin University is Worth Saving - IndyStar May 20, 2015

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Martin University was featured in two articles in the IndyStar, May 20, 2015  - "To Get Off Accreditation Probation, Martin U Hits Refresh" and "Why Martin University is Saving", written by Stephanie Wang.

Both articles note the need for Martin to be a viable option for those pursuing higher education and its ability to overcome obstacles; seeing its students through academic rigor to opportunity and promise.  Read the articles by clicking on the links below.

"To Get Off Accreditation Probation, Martin U Hits Refresh"

"Why Martin University is Saving"


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