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Martin University's Urban Ministry Studies program is an advanced educational initiative for religious leaders and laypersons alike. Traditionally, the word ministry has been limited to the activities of an ordained pastor or of a church. However, the Urban Ministry Studies program defines ministry in a much broader context by offering educational opportunities to all who seek to serve and to be empowered for a lifetime of service and training. This means the Urban Ministry Studies program is open to all who want to serve others holistically-helping them to grow strong physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, morally and spiritually.


While not leading to ordination in a particular faith tradition, as an accredited program, the Urban Ministry Studies program can strengthen a person's position for ordination. It introduces students to traditional and alternative models of ministry rooted in such disciplines as sociology, economics, education, and psychology as well as biblical studies, theology and Christian spirituality. The Urban Ministry Studies program carries with it the potential to prepare students to serve either in the sacred or the secular community.


Moreover, Martin University's Urban Ministry Studies program endeavors to empower all students as leaders to effectively combat the idolatries of racism, ethnocentrism, classism, and gender prejudices that are ever present within our society. The program seeks to empower those who traditionally have been marginalized by society and to enable them to become informed and educated. In a word, the program is designed to equip servant-leaders to transform their local communities and their world.

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