Welcome to Martin University, the University that aspires to become a premier leader among its peer group, preparing ordinary persons to perform extraordinary tasks as citizen leaders. The University was established in 1977 and focused on serving the needs of marginalized adult learners. As the President of Martin University, I am proud to welcome you to a special place.

It is a place of academic exploration built on the legacy and vision of Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling. It incorporates a nurturing and supportive learning community with the ideas of service-built learning exchange and outreach.

Martin University has a unique history and a tremendous legacy of opportunity, hope, education, and preparation for life. We see the University and the community as one, a "Communiversity", which can be defined as "an institution of higher education that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with a research service-oriented mission that benefits its community."

We are very happy with Martin's opportunity and role in shaping new futures for our students. Please visit our website and know that there is a place at Martin University for you.



Dr. Eugene G. White