Business Administration Degree

Industrial Management Concentration

The Industrial Management program is designed to prepare students for careers in industrial management with a specialty in skills training.  The program is offered in conjunction with community partners that specialize in skills training.  The skills training portion of the program will occur at the community partner’s training site.
The B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial Management focuses on management theories, principles, and skill sets, to prepare students for management in industrial settings.  Students enrolled in this program will learn basic production processes, personnel management strategies and operational logistics, which can be applied to a variety of industries.  In addition to discipline-specific knowledge, students will gain knowledge through the general education core courses, which provide an understanding of college level writing, mathematics, statistics, and computer science skills.
Degree Plan
Course Rotation


Individuals completing this program will be qualified to work as Industrial Managers, Business Owners and more. Careers will vary based on students’ concentration of study.