Martin University Guiding Principles


The following principles are the guiding practices for the entire Martin University Community, which includes students, staff, faculty and administrators:

  • Accessibility - Martin University is committed to making all offered higher education academic programs and support services accessible to all who can benefit.
  • Culture of Care - The Martin University Community is dedicated to maintaining a culture of care, civility, respect, responsibility, accountability, transparency, and collaboration.
  • Academic Excellence - Martin University is committed to providing a high quality, well-rounded liberal arts education.  While acquiring specific program competencies, students will also gain core competencies in effective communication, critical thinking, science and math literacy, technological literacy, service-learning, and valuing diversity that prepares them for careers in their chosen field and/or graduate education.
  • Culture Awareness and Diversity - The Martin University Community embraces cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity as a part of the human condition.
  • Community Engagement – The Martin University Community is committed to participating in activities that seek to enhance the surrounding community of Martindale-Brightwood and Central Indiana.
  • Professionalism – The Martin University community is committed to maintaining, nurturing, and demonstrating the highest degree of integrity, responsibility, and ethical practices in its interactions with all persons. 
  • Communication – The Martin University community is dedicated to clear, transparent, and timely communication among administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, local community partners, media outlets, professional accrediting organizations, and State and Federal governmental agencies.