Student Success Center

" Welcome to Martin University's Student Success Center where we work to ensure all students can receive the resources and assistance required to be successful students.  In the Martin University Student Success Center students can receive the following services":


Tutoring:  Academic coaching from faculty members, peers and Student Success staff.  Please contact the Student Success Center for times and availability. (Note: one-on-one tutoring may include other students, but no more than five)

Supplemental Instruction:  Augmented educational sessions conducted by faculty or led by students who have excelled in instruction in the course content.

Resources: Supplemental materials and textbooks to reinforce or assist students in reaching  course learning objectives.

The Martin University Student Success Center is here for you, so please feel free to drop in or contact the Manager of Student Success at


Angela D. Adams,  M.Ed

Manager of Student Success

Martin University

2186 N. Sherman Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46218