Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Concentration

Course Rotation

Fall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer Semester
CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal JusticeCRJ 150 CriminologySOC 200 Principles of Sociology
CRJ 200 Criminal LawCRJ 275 Crime and Public PolicyCRJ 360 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ 320 Criminal InvestigationsCRJ 250 Introduction to Law EnforcementCRJ 370 Probation and Parole
CRJ 340 Court Procedure & TestimonyCRJ 270 Research MethodsCRJ 381 Race, Ethinicity, and Gender Issues
CRJ 400 White Collar CrimeCRJ 350 CorrectionsMAT 205 Statistical Methods
CAP 499 Capstone/ Final ProjectPHI 202 Logic 
PLA 130 Prior Learning AssessmentPSY 364 Social Psychology 
POL 200 U.S. Constitution

Courses for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement concentration are offered during the semesters displayed above.  Students must be available to take each course in its designated rotation to successfully complete this program.  Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course narratives.


Career Opportunities


Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Concentration

  • Police Officer
  • Immigration Officer
  • Police Detective
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Fish and Game Warden

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