Business Administration Concentration


Course Rotation

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester

ACC 201  Principles of Accounting I

ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II BUS 220 Business Law
BUS 200  Business Communications BUS 307 Research Methods for Business BUS 400 Leadership Development Skills
BUS 201 Introduction to Business BUS 416 Business Ethics & Social Responsibiities CIS 151 Computer Information Systems
BUS 301 Supervisory Techniques BUS 461 Organizational Behavior MAT 205 Statistical Methods
CAP 499 Capstone/Final Project ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics MGT 201 Principles of Management
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics FIN 307 Managerial Finance MKT 201 Principles of Marketing
  HRS 313 Management of Human Resources  

Courses for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration are offered during the semesters displayed above.  Students must be available to take each course in its designated rotation to successfully complete this program.  Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course narratives.



Career Opportunities

Business Administration Concentration

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Financial Center Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Education Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Customer Service Associate / Representative
  • Corporate Development Manager
  •   Analyst / Consultant

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