General information

Your financial aid disburses to your account, according to the disbursement schedule, after the semester has started. You must attend all registered classes. Your aid is disbursed directly to your Martin student account to pay all charges on the account first. Any excess financial aid will be refunded if there is a credit balance on your account after disbursement.

Questions about your financial aid refund?

Disbursement vs. Refund

  • Disbursement occurs when your lender sends the loan funds to Martin University.
  • Excess financial aid (refund) occurs if your total financial aid disbursement exceeds the charges on your student account.

Do I have excess financial aid? 

Check your student account visiting the Student Portal.  If there is a credit balance on your account and you have not dropped or withdrawn from any of your courses, you may be eligible to receive the credit balance (refund). If you have dropped or withdrawn from some courses, there may be a required adjustment in your financial aid.


It can take up to 14 days for Accounts Receivable to process a credit balance (refund) after your financial aid is disbursed to your account. Martin is required to perform an audit of each student account prior to sending excess financial aid.

What if my loan has not posted?

If your loan has been approved by the lender, loans will disburse according to the disbursement schedule and/or any financial aid issues have been resolved. You can also contact your advisor.

My disbursement is less than anticipated

Most lenders charge the federally approved fees of between 1% - 2% of the loan. The loan disclosure statement that your lender sends to you explains the fees.

What kind of notifications will I receive regarding my student loans?

  • To view your total financial aid award for the year, go to
  • A Notice of Loan Certificate is sent out by Martin once we receive confirmation that the loan has been certified by the lender and guaranty agency. This notice will include disbursement dates and information regarding your total indebtedness.
  • A Loan Disclosure Statement is sent to you by the lender and has details about fees and interest.

Borrowing Smart

Martin University awards you the maximum base level loans for which you are eligible. We encourage you, however, to borrow only what is absolutely necessary for covering your costs of attendance. You can always decline or reduce loans prior to disbursement and within 30 days after disbursement. If we have sent you a refund, those funds will need to be returned if you intend to cancel or reduce your loan.